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Działania ekologiczne w naszym regionie
Ecological Activities in Our Region


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Our school in Lamkowo is situated in an ecologically clean region of Warmia and Mazury. It is a region of thousand lakes, forests, green hills and a network of rivers.


It is unspoilt by industry and many actions are taken to persuade people to live with nature, to respect the greenery and cleanliness of our region. This can also be understood in the global sense.


teacherIn our region we pay attention to rubbish disposal – we segregate rubbish and throw them out into special containers: glass, plastic and paper. We can throw batteries to a carton so as to avoid throwing them on the ground.

Now people start to think of using different kind of fuel - ecological fuel, such as a special type of willow. Also some of them build sewage treatment plants next to their houses.

We promote leading a healthy lifestyle so as to live with nature and not be harmful to it.

In what other ways can we protect environment?


We can buy items packed in environmentally-friendly containers. Instead of using plastic bags it is good to have one bag made from cotton or some other material. Additionally we should save water for example by washing up dishes in a bowl.

 We should also cut down on electricity by turning the light off when we do not need it or using energy-saving bulbs.

We should use ecological means of transport, travel by bike or walk if we are to go a short distance away.

We should eat organic food, with no preservatives or harmful additives.



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